Welcome to Spanisch mit Natalia. Please, read carefully the following Privacy Policy.

Here I explain how collects, manages and uses personal information from clients, users and subscribers. On this website, users' data are respected and taken care of. As a user, you should know that your rights are guaranteed. I've made an effort to create a safe and trustworthy place. I strongly recommend you and invite you to read this information before you continue surfing this web or provide personal information.

Because I consider your privacy to be absolutely important.

Spanischmitnatalia obeys the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data (referred to as LOPD, its initials in Spanish) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU)

Who's accountable for your data?

Myself! And here you have my own data:

  • My name: Natalia Olcina Martínez
  • Business name: Spanisch mit Natalia
  • My Spanish ID: XXX
  • My address: XXX
  • The services I offer on this website: online teaching
  • My contact email:

Anti-spam policy and data collecting systems

I am completely against sending non-requested commercial information, that's why I commit to using the data I collect only for the indicated purposes as well as taking the necessary measures to prevent losses, changes or non-authorized access or use, according to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data (referred to as LOPD, its initials in Spanish).

You may have provided personal information through the contact form, subscribing to the newsletter, booking a lessons’ package, sending me an email or a message through a social network.

Some non-identifying data may be collected by cookies. You can learn more about these cookies in the Cookie policy. These data refer to behavior patterns on the website, for instance: the pages you've visited and in which order, how long you've stayed in each one and the time and date you've accessed and used the web.

Third-party services

This website may provide links to other websites of my own and other service providers, in order to share useful and complementary content.

However, under no circumstances am I responsible for any negative outcome resulting from the access to these links, although all the links lead to trustworthy websites.

Links to this website on other websites are allowed as long as no false, inexact or incorrect statements are made about Spanischmitnatalia. These links don't imply the existence of any relations between and the owner of the other website, nor my knowledge or acceptance of their services and contents.

These are the third-party services I use on my website:

Hosting: Siteground España, S.L.. This is its privacy policy.
Marketing provider: MailChimp
Plugin for analysing behaviour patterns on the website: Google Analytics

Your Rights

You have the right to access, update, limit or eliminate your data at any time. I respect your rights and I'll always answer your requests efficiently.

You can send me your requests to this email:, together with a valid identity document, for instance, a copy of your ID or passport, introducing the following subject: DATA PROTECTION.

Acceptance and Consent

If you've provided any data through any of the data collecting systems that I've mentioned, I understand you have read and accepted this privacy policy, giving, therefore, your consent for me to use your data for the indicated purposes.

Privacy Policy Updates

As the owner of and as the accountable person for the protection of the data collected, I have the right to update this privacy policy in order to adapt it to new legislative regulations or changes in my services. Should these changes affect you considerably, I will let you know by email in advance in case you would like to take any action with respect to your data.

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