You are interested in this course if:

  • Your child has gone to a bilingual children's school and has not had the opportunity to continue learning Spanish.
  • Your child learns Spanish at school, but needs private lessons to improve his/her level of Spanish.
  • The second mother tongue of your child is Spanish, but he/she has difficulty expressing himself/herself.
  • You do not have the opportunity to choose Spanish as a subject at school or to go to a bilingual school.

Children have amazing cognitive advantages when it comes to acquiring a new language, due to their capacity for natural learning without great efforts. Therefore, childhood is an ideal time for your children to learn Spanish from a fun and tailored approach based on their passions and interests. Playing, singing, dancing or making arts and crafts are some of the activities we do in class to enjoy learning Spanish online.



You are interested in this course if:

  • You are studying Spanish at an institute and you need private Spanish lessons.
  • You need to prepare for a Spanish exam for university entrance.
  • You want to prepare before you being an exchange trip abroad to a Spanish-speaking country.
  • You want to learn Spanish to expand your future and education possibilities.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. This means that if you speak Spanish you can communicate with more than 500 million people. That is why Spanish has become one of the most studied languages internationally; it is a vehicle to the immense wealth that the Spanish speaking world has to offer as well as a tool that opens doors to your future. More and more students decide to learn Spanish to improve their academic education, expand their future opportunities, travel and meet new cultures. Take a step towards your future with my online Spanish classes, and reach your goals with fun and motivation!

  • Based on the communicative method. The main objective is to improve each student's language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

  • The duration of the online Spanish lessons is 50 minutes per session. * In the case of children it will be 30-50 minutes per session, depending on their attention span and their needs.

  • The classes are 100% in Spanish. I help you put into practice all your previous knowledge and learning strategies to increase the chances of success. *Use of English if needed.

  • Classes are fully adapted to your level of Spanish, interests, needs and objectives.

  • You will experience a great diversity of personalized materials that will be adapted to your unique learning style and language skills in a fun, interactive and visual way. *The materials used conform to the reference levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Let's get to know each other through the FREE TRIAL LESSON!

What are we going to do in the trial lesson?

  • Get to know each other 

  • Answer any questions you may have

  • Express your needs and what your goals are

  • See how online Spanish lessons work

  • Evaluate your knowledge of Spanish


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